Health & Safety

What safety measures will be in place?

We will follow the California Department of Public Health guidelines for large outdoor events.

Will there be added health safety measures at this year's Turkey Trot?

The health and safety of the running community are our top priority. We are working with our city, county, state, and health agency partners to plan a safe and exciting event. We recognize that guidelines are likely to change between now and November and we will continue to keep runners updated on the latest health and safety procedures and guidelines.

Will 2023 Turkey Trot participants be required to be vaccinated?

Fully vaccinated status or a pre-entry negative test result is strongly recommended for all attendees. Attendees without vaccination status are recommended to wear face coverings. Schedule your free vaccine shot here!

Will 2023 Turkey Trot participants be required to wear masks?

If you are not fully vaccinated, we recommend that you wear a mask or face covering for the safety of yourself and others.

I’ve lost my child, what do I do?

If you are separated from your child while in the Kids Fun Zone, please go to the Kids Stage for assistance.  If you are separated from your child during the Kids Fun Run, go to the start line.  If you lose your child in any other area, find a medical station or go to that area’s stage and staff will assist you.

Will there be Medical assistance on/along the course?

There will be medical staff patrolling the course. We will have 10 EMTs on ATVs and bikes for your safety, as well as 2 ambulances on the course.  The medical tent will be located just past the finish line on the left-hand side across from the Santa Clara Street and Delmas intersection.

I’ve lost someone (child, parent, friend) what do I do?

Go to an information booth near the starting line, (located on the corner of Santa Clara and First) one of the two stages (located in the Main or Kids Festival sites).


Is my registration tax deductible?

Because your registration fee covers the cost of your entry, shirt, and bib – i.e. services and goods, the registration is not tax-deductible. If you make a direct donation, – that amount is tax-deductible.

What's included with the registration fee?

Your Turkey Trot registration includes race entry,  a dry-fit tech race shirt, and a race bib with timing chip. All proceeds from the event will be donated to five deserving local nonprofits, all of whom serve our community by providing food, healthcare services, and housing to those who most need it.

Can I change the distance I initially registered for?

Yes! Just reach out to our Registration Manager at [email protected] to switch distances. You may also switch distances by visiting registration solutions at packet pickup.

Where do I register on race day?

You can register on your smartphone or at the bib pick-up area in Arena Green between 7:00 am - 8:00 am. Click here for the bib pick-up location.

Where do I register for the Kids Fun Run on race day?

You can register your child at the bib pick-up area starting at 7:00 am.

Are we allowed to run the 5K/10K Turkey Trot without registering?

No. You must be registered and have a race bib to participate in the event.

If my child registers for the 5K/10K race, can they still run in the Kids Fun Run?

No, each child must register and have a Kids Fun Run bib to participate in the Kids Fun Run. However, the Kids Fun Zone and activities are open to everyone.


How and when will I get my race packet?

Bib and Shirt Pickup will be held at Sports Basement Sunnyvale from November 19th - November 23rd from 11 am - 6 pm. Race Day Bib and Shirt Pickup will begin at 7:00 am. If you are running the virtual event and chose to have your packet shipped directly to you, your packet will be mailed out the week of November 6th.

Are bikes, hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, push bikes, unicycles, wagons allowed on the course?

No. For the safety of all participants, only baby strollers/joggers and wheelchairs are allowed on the course.  If you plan to run with a baby stroller or jogger, please stage in the proper corral and walk/run on the right side of the street so as not to impede other participants.

Can I walk the 5K or 10K?

Registrants are invited to participate in our events in a safe manner. Most participants can walk the 5K distance in the allotted time. The 10K distance can be more challenging as the roadways are opened at 11am to traffic. This gives a participant about two hours to complete the course. Please be sure to check your pace so that you will have the best experience at our event.

Where does the race start?

The race starts at the intersection of W. Santa Clara Street at First Street. Please start by lining up at the correct corral designated on your bib – there will be a corral number and an associated color for each corral to make it easier for you to line up. Click here for the location of the start line.

Do I need to attach my timing chip?

Nope! Your timing chip will come already attached to your bib – no further steps are needed!

When and where does the Kids Fun Run take place?

The Kids Fun Zone will open at 9am and the Kids Fun Run starts at 10:30am at the intersection of South Autumn Street and West St. John Street. We recommend that you line up at the Kids Fun Zone for the Kids Fun Run at 10:15am.

Will there be water stops along the course?

Yes! There will be 1 water station on the 5K course and 3 on the 10K course. (10K passes one aid station twice.)

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located at the Start line, in the festival area, in the Fittest Firm area, in the Kids Fun Zone, near the Finish Line, and across the street from the main entrance to the SAP Center.

Are dogs allowed?

No. Only certified service animals with proper certification and harnesses are allowed.

Are baby strollers allowed in the race?

Yes, but please be sure to calculate your proper estimated course time so you will be in the correct corral and will not impede other participants. For safety reasons, please stay to the right side of the street while out on the course so faster runners can safely pass.

Can you tell me more about the four charities benefiting from the Turkey Trot?

You can find more information about the four beneficiaries of the Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot here.

Will there be a gear check?

Gear Check will be available at Arena Green north of the bib pick-up tents between 7 AM - 11:00 AM. Participants may check small items to be held during the event. All participants must use the clear bags we provide and all items must be visible in the clear bag. Backpacks, suitcases, purses, children, and pets will not be accepted at gear check. You must show your bib number to pick up the bag with the corresponding bib number labeled on it. No exceptions will be made. All items left after the race will be donated. Click here for the location of the gear check.


How do I volunteer?

Volunteer registration will open around August/September 2023.

How do I get my volunteer slip signed for school?

Report to the volunteer check-in at SAP Center after your shift to have your hours signed off.

Where is Volunteer Check-In?

Volunteer check-in is located in “Sharks Ally” at the corner of W. St. John Street and N. Montgomery Street under the stairs near the back entrance to the SAP Center.


Where and when will the race results be posted?

After the race, a link to the results will be posted on our website at www.svturkeytrot.com.


How do I run the virtual race?

You can complete your virtual 5K/10K run anytime, anywhere from November 23rd to November 30th. Run outside, on a treadmill, with family, or on your own. Use our RaceJoy app or your own tracking app to record your time and complete the distance you registered for.

When and where can I submit my time?

You can submit your run time on our results page beginning November 23rd. If you use our RaceJoy app to complete and track your run, your results will be automatically uploaded to our results page.

What is RaceJoy?

RaceJoy is an app that tracks your 5K/10K run/walk and automatically uploads your time to the results page for your event. This app is free to use and you must download the app before race week from the App Store. You need to carry your phone with you to track your time through the app. You can also track your friends’ and family members; run and send them cheers or audio messages. Not running? Download the app to watch your runner complete their race!

How do I use RaceJoy?

Once downloaded, go through the RaceJoy Tutorial to learn how to find your event and track your run. Once you have selected your event and entered your bib number, you are ready to track your run. Go to My Races on the day you choose to complete your 5K/10K run/walk, and just hit the green ‘GO’ button once you begin! Make sure your GPS tracking is ON and WIFI is OFF (if you are leaving the house for your run). Once you are finished, hit the red ‘END RUN’ button to complete your run and submit your results to the leaderboard. 


If I don’t want to drive to the race will the bus, light rail or train be running?

Yes! Please visit the VTA website for more information about the holiday schedule for light rail and buses. However, Caltrain will not have an early enough train for the Turkey Trot. Please check holiday scheduling for respective public transit to ensure a smooth race day.

Where is the best place to park on race day?

There are a number of parking locations within a short walk from the Start and Finish lines. Many of the parking garages are free. Visit sjdowntownparking.com.  A map of updated parking will be provided soon.

How early should I get to the starting line on race day?

You should plan to be at the starting line 40 minutes prior to your respective start time. Remember that you need to have enough time to park and make it to your designated corral with other runners and walkers!

Where can I park my bike on race morning?

There are several public bike racks available downtown. Please bring your lock and feel free to find a spot that’s closest to your start corral.

Where are the nearest transit stops?

The nearest transit stop to the starting line is Santa Clara Street via the VTA light rail. For the finish line and volunteer area, use the San Jose Diridon station, which is served by buses, light rail, Caltrain, ACE and Capitol Corridor. Please check holiday scheduling for respective public transit to ensure a smooth race day.

Are bikes, roller blades, scooters, skateboards or pets allowed on the course?