Virtual Run Toolkit

Run between November 25th to 28th!

Thanks to Sports basement we've got a bunch of gift cards for you to earn by tagging or sending us your best 2021 Virtual Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot photos (while supplies last).

Don’t have social media? Send us your photo at [email protected].

How do I access my digital bib?

You can access and print your digital bib in your RunSignUp profile under "Upcoming Events". Follow the instructions here:


Interactive Race Day Experience with RaceJoy Live Phone Tracking, GPS Progress Alerts, and Cheers!

We are providing you with RaceJoy as part of the official race experience for the Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot.

Download the RaceJoy mobile app in advance to ensure proper phone setup. Invite your friends and family to track you and send you cheers!

Some key RaceJoy features include:

GPS Progress Alerts

  • Receive continual progress updates as you complete your goal.

Live GPS Tracking

  • Remote spectators can track your progress live in a map view. You can also track others.


  • Receive supportive audio cheers from remote friends & family.

Virtual Results (virtual events only)

  • Enter your race-assigned bib number to automatically submit your finish data for real-time scored results.

To use RaceJoy, you must carry your phone and activate tracking on the day you complete your race.

Community Hero presented by Health Net

The Health Net Community Heroes category is dedicated to honoring the Turkey Trotters in our community who have put the needs of others before their own every day, especially during the pandemic. We want to extend a huge Thank You and recognize our local frontline workers, first responders, active military members and veterans, and elected officials for their hard work!
Health Net Logo 01

On behalf of the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, thank you to the following individuals for taking care of us and our loved ones, friends, and neighbors:

Community Hero Name List

Give your virtual run a boost

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Stretching for your Turkey Trot

Video brought to you by:
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How to apply your Hometown Hero iron-on patch:

1. Heat up your iron. You want your iron to be on its highest heat setting in order for the patch to properly adhere to the clothing. Pro tip: If you don’t have an iron, you can use a hair straightener in a pinch!

2. Plan your design. Layout your piece of clothing on the ironing board and place the patch in the spot where you want to adhere it. The adhesive side (i.e., the side without the design) should be flat against the fabric. If you’re ironing it on shoes or a hat—or other things that don’t lie flat—stuff the insides with towels. (This way, when you press on the patch with a flat iron, it is as close to the fabric as possible and doesn’t shift around.)

3. Place a thin cloth over the front of the patch. This will act as a barrier between your patch and the iron to protect the fabric of your clothing from the heat. You can use a pressing cloth for this.

4. Iron-on that patch. Place the iron over the patch and cloth and hold it there for 30- 40 seconds. Now check to see if the glue has set to the material. You might have to do this step again if the glue hasn’t melted.

5. Flip and repeat steps 3 and 4. Once the patch is fixed to your clothing, turn it inside out and lay it flat on the ironing board again. Place your pressing cloth or pillowcase over the backside of the patch and repeat step 4. If you’re ironing them on something that’s difficult to flip inside out (e.g., the front of a sneaker), apply the iron directly on the patch for a second round.

6. If this garment is laundered a lot you will need to sew down the edges to make sure it will last as long as you have the garment.

7. Let it cool, and you’re done!