Zero Waste logoThe Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation has partnered with Nothing Wasted Consulting and the City of San Jose Environmental Services to green the “Silicon Valley Turkey Trot.” Any food scraps, paper food ware (such as plates, bowls, cups, napkins), and utensils can go into the green “compostable” container. Any plastic bottles, plastic containers, aluminum cans, and aluminum foil can go into the blue “recyclables” containers. For more information on our event greening efforts, please contact Nothing Wasted Consulting at [email protected]. With your help, we can make the Turkey Trot clean and green.


The Applied Materials “Silicon Valley Turkey Trot” has partnered with Virtual Race Bags in an effort to ‘go green.’  Participants should expect to see the Virtual Race Bag via email prior to the event.  In the race bag you will find valuable information including an event guide, special offers, great deals, coupons, giveaways, and sponsor messages.

Immediately after the event, participants will also receive personalized results via email.

Watch for the Virtual Race Bag and Get Your Green On!