Amgen Men’s Elite Invitational 5K and Silicon Valley Bank Elite Women’s Invitational 5K
Qualification Page

This race is by special invitation only** for qualified elite/invited athletes. For consideration, please contact Elite Athlete Coordinator JT Service.

Elite/Invited Athlete Qualification Standards and Amenities
Complimentary entry. Seeded starting line position in separate elite 5K races for men and for women. Hotel Accommodations in first class hotels.  Travel Stipends for selected athletes.

CONSIDERATION – INVITED ATHLETE STATUS Sub-14:30 men/ Sub-16:30 women (or equivalent) in last 18 months suggested for consideration. Slower times (Sub-14:45 men/Sub-17:45 women) may be considered for sub-elite status (comp entry only). As soon as possible, please e-mail a complete running vita/resume AND cover letter containing the following information to the Elite Athlete Coordinator JT Service:

    • Name, age, citizenship, current residence
    • U.S. visa status and visa type, if applicable
    • Sponsor/Club
    • All-time PRs
    • Best races in last 18 months (race name, location, date, finishing place and time) – roads and/or track (please specify)
    • Best races all time (with above details)
    • Contact information