2017 Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot Elite Women’s Race - Video Courtesy of Tom Bernhard

2017 Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot Elite Men’s Race - Video Courtesy of Tom Bernhard

Juniper Men’s Elite Invitational 5K and Silicon Valley Bank Elite Women’s Invitational 5K

Official 2017 Elite Roster HERE.

This race is by special invitation only** for qualified elite/invited athletes. For consideration, please contact the Elite Athlete Coordinator.  For elite qualifications, please click HERE.

**Please make sure to submit all the elite athlete information requested in the Elite/Invited Athlete Qualification Standards and Amenities section at the bottom of this page.

Outstanding Competition Guaranteed
The Association of Road Race Statisticians ranks the elite men’s and women’s races at the Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot high on their lists of 5Ks in the WORLD that have produced the most “quality performances.” In 2014, the U.S. 5K road record for Junior women (ages 19 and-under) was set by Alexa Efraimson, Read more here.

Prize Purse Total: $24,000 (includes U.S. record bonuses) – See entire prize money breakdown below.

  • Separate races for elite men and elite women
  • Men’s/Women’s 5K for the Pacific Association/USA Track & Field (PA/USATF) with $2,000 prize money.

Fast, 4-Loop Elite Course – See Official Course Map: Elite 5K HERE
The Elite Course is a 4-loop, criterium-style elite 5K course.  The flat-and-fast, USA Track & Field certified course maximizes spectator interest, media accessibility, and allows athletes’ coaches an excellent opportunity to observe the race. Numerous fast marks have been recorded on this course and our elite athletes told us they wanted it back.

The elite 5K races run separately from the general participant 5K and 10K events with elite women running first at 7:30 a.m., followed by the elite men’s race at 8 a.m. Check out the complete race-day schedule here.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company PA/USATF Men’s 5K and El Camino Hospital PA/USATF Women’s 5K Non-Championship Races

Both elite races take place concurrently with the respective Pacific Association USA Track & Field 5K women’s and men’s races, giving PA/USATF athletes an opportunity to run with world-class competition. In addition to elite and PA/USATF race prize funds, overall winners receive a commemorative trophy. The second place and third place men and women, plus first master (age 40 and over) athletes receive medals.


Elite Athlete Air Travel Provided By Alaska Airlines

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Prize Purse Details Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot Thursday, November 28, 2019 (Thanksgiving)

Prize Money Total Purse: $24,000 ($14,000 + $10,000 U.S. Record Bonuses)
Elite Men’s and Women’s 5K Races ($12,100)

  • 1st Place Male & Female Overall: $2,500
  • 2nd Place Male & Female Overall: $1,500
  • 3rd Place Male & Female Overall: $850
  • 4th Place Male & Female Overall: $500
  • 5th Place Male & Female Overall: $250
  • 6th Place Male & Female Overall: $100
  • Master Male & Female:
    (40 years of age and older)

    • 1st Place: $200
    • 2nd Place: $100
    • 3rd Place: $50

Pacific Association/USATF – Men’s and Women’s ($2,000)

  • 1st Place PA/USATF Male & Female: $500
  • 2nd Place PA/USATF Male & Female: $200
  • 3rd Place PA/USATF Male & Female: $150
  • 4th Place PA/USATF Male & Female: $100
  • 5th Place PA/USATF Male & Female: $50

* Double dipping is allowed for PA/USATF athletes between the Elite Men’s/Women’s 5K and PA/USATF prize purses. PA/USATF prize money is awarded to PA/USATF members only.

*Run in conjunction with our Women’s Elite pro race. Entrants must be current PA/USATF members with a 5K qualifying time of 18:59 within the last 18 months.
*Run in conjunction with our Women’s Elite pro race. Entrants must be current PA/USATF members with a 5K qualifying time of 16:59 within the last 18 months.

U.S. 5K Record Bonuses($10,000)
$5,000 for the first U.S. male and/or female setting a U.S. 5K open road record. New U.S. records must be ratified by USA Track & Field before record bonus prize money is awarded.

Elite/Invited Athlete Qualification Standards and Amenities
Complimentary entry. Seeded starting line position in separate elite 5K races for men and for women. Hotel Accommodations in first class hotels.  Travel Stipends for selected athletes.

CONSIDERATION – INVITED ATHLETE STATUS Sub-14:30 men/ Sub-16:30 women (or equivalent) in last 18 months suggested for consideration. Slower times (Sub-14:45 men/Sub-17:45 women) may be considered for sub-elite status (comp entry only). As soon as possible, please e-mail a complete running vita/resume AND cover letter containing the following information to the Elite Athlete Coordinator.

    • Name, age, citizenship, current residence
    • U.S. visa status and visa type, if applicable
    • Sponsor/Club
    • All-time PRs
    • Best races in last 18 months (race name, location, date, finishing place and time) – roads and/or track (please specify)
    • Best races all time (with above details)
    • Contact information